Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring break in Canada

The kids and I came to Canada for their Spring Break. We left Monday to arrive in St. Thomas on Monday night. Tuesday, the girls went with Grandma to get their nails done - how pretty.
We also had a 'congratulations on your retirement' lunch with Grandma Diane.

Wednesday was jam packed with visits to Aunt Erma and Uncle Wendell as well as Jen, Trent and Kyle. There were very tired kids on Thursday morning when we left for Tavistock.

We spent the morning at the Tavistock Preschool and the Tavistock Public School - visiting with friends and our favourite teachers.

Thursday lunch was McDonalds at Mommy's old work. It was wonderful to see so many friends join us.

Thursday afternoon we dropped by Cambridge to see the Semplonius' and then back to Tavistock to visit with the Danens.

Thursday night we had a sleep over with our cousins Logan and Ainslie. The kids can't wait to do it again.

Happy Easter from Erin!

Here is an Easter craft that Erin made before the Spring Break at her school.