Monday, January 18, 2010

Super Handyman

With a "new to us" home, there are many projects to do in the house. Brad has been moving throughout the house to update and repair many things. Here is a list of a few of our "improvements":
  • microwave over the stove
  • light fixture in the master bathroom
  • towel rack in the main floor bathroom
  • put stuff in the attic above the garage (with his new huge ladder)
  • light fixtures in the front hall
  • humidifier on the furnace

We also hired someone to paint in the kids bedroom, the kids bathrooms and the hallway. We have a new sofa, new washer and dryer, new BBQ and 8 dining room chairs.

The house feels like it is coming together.

Snow, Snow, Snow

I can not believe I remember when it has snowed so much! For ten days, snow fell lightly from the sky leaving mounds and mounds of it. The kids ended up not having school on their first day back. We have had to find a lot of things to do in the house but we also found a GREAT hill to go sledding. The nearby golf course has a fabulous hill. We took the kids there for about a hour and they had a blast. The next day we went back with a friend but it was quite windy. Peyton finally went down the hill on the tube by himself. Again, Again, he said.

More fun with friends

Sorry it has taken so long to get updating the blog...

The kids and I headed back to Ohio on the 28th of December. Before we left we visited with our friends Hannah and Samantha. The kids did some dancing to High School Musical on the Wii. It was adorable and there were a few costume changes as well. While they were busy, I had a chance to catch up with my friend Barb.

We left there and headed to Grandma's house. We had some running around time and climbing on Grandpa to get the sillies out before getting in the van for our 5+ hour trek.

The drive was good with no weather issues. We arrived here after 9:30pm.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Visit with Grandma and Papa, "Aunt" Connie and the Roths

On Tuesday, we visited with LOTS of friends and family. We visited Grandma and Papa in the morning and then met Connie for a Swiss Chalet lunch. The kids played with the magnets and were in negotiations with Oscar the Cat. They are still not sure if they love him or not.

That evening, we ventured to Tavistock for a visit with our friends, the Roths, and Brooklyn's best friend, Clara. The kids played and we went to watch Clara skate at the Arena. There we ran into more friends and our Preschool teacher and friend, Mrs. Lichti. We had a good visit and congratulated Clara on getting her Badge #4!!! What a skater.

Gifts of Time

One of the best gifts my kids can receive is the gift of time. The girls spent Monday with their cousins Stefanie and Julie along with Aunt Bev and Uncle Randy going to see the Princess and the Frog. Peyton had a play date with his best buddy (and cousin) Logan. Thanks to all of you for this precious gift.

Ashton Family Christmas

On Sunday, we drove to St. Thomas to celebrate with my family. We were there early to open gifts from Grandma and Grandpa. Another day of spoiling! The kids got games to play with but mostly climbing on Grandpa and eating pie are their favourite things to do there!

Boxing Day Football

Every year Brad and his friends play football on Boxing Day. A few of our nephews joined in this year. The guys are feeling older each year but enjoy some food and cheer back at the Oberle's afterward. The weather was okay but the ground was frozen and VERY hard when you hit it. There were scratches and welts to prove it.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

So many Christmases...

Before Christmas we had a wonderful visit from the Suljaks and the Walkers. We celebrated with both families and hope they will plan another visit very soon.

The kids were spoiled and really were able to enjoy the time with friends and family as it wasn't quite the blur that the holidays turned into...

First Christmas for Ainslie

Our new niece Ainslie and her first Christmas.

Late night Nintendo DS time

Aunt Kim and Brooklyn were working hard on the DS late into the night.

Night time on Christmas Day

Brooklyn LOVED holding her cousin Lily while she had her bottle. Erin bought Lily matching Tinker Bell pajamas for Christmas which she is wearing in this picture.

Christmas Dinner at the Bekes

Most of the Duguay family sat down for a wonderful turkey and ham dinner at the Bekes. This year's Christmas with the Duguay family is split because some of the family is celebrating with their in laws. We had crackers with lovely hats for everyone to wear.

Christmas Day

Christmas morning the kids made sure Santa had arrived! They did sleep in until about 8am which we were thankful for... Brooklyn got her Nintendo DS Lite, Erin got her Tinker Bell alarm clock and Peyton got his Leapster and Elmo Cookies. Santa did a fine job! The kids also got new toothbrushes and toothpaste which seem to be the only thing they could remember when asked what Santa brought them. Peyton got a new puzzle and had to open the box right away.

Brooklyn bought each of our family something as well and Erin made us a Calendar for 2010.

On Christmas Day, our family set out on our drive to Canada to celebrate with family there. We took two cars this time so we could come back at different times. Brad had to come back to work. The weather was pouring rain and the drive was not a nice one. We left the driveway at 11am and arrived in Cambridge around 4:30pm. The kids didn't sleep much but enjoyed their new toys.

Opening a gift on Christmas Eve

It was a tradition in my family growing up that one present could be opened on Christmas Eve. Each year I prayed it was a toy but it always turned out to be pajamas. We have started this tradition with our kids and they have not yet figured out that it will always be pajamas.

Christmas Eve dressed up and ready to go

We dressed up the kids for Christmas Eve Mass (at 4pm) and then we were invited to our neighbors, the Boyles, for some food and Christmas Cheer. We felt very blessed to be invited on our first Christmas here in Ohio.