Friday, October 30, 2009

Brooklyn's Fall Festival at School

I was able to be the helper Mom at Brooklyn's school today and the kids looked great. More pics available at

We made bats out of tracings of our hands and then read the story about the old lady who swallowed a bat! Imagine that.

Peyton's Costume Parade at Young Explorers

Peyton went to school today for an hour to be a part of the costume parade. Here are some pictures of the kids parading from class to class, eating some treats and enjoying the day.

Oct 27 - Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure movie came out on Tuesday so we bought the movie and invited some friends over on Tuesday evening to watch it. Here the kids are on our new sectional sofa!

Happy Hallowe'en from Sharpay from High School Musical

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lily O'Lantern

My niece is so creative and cut out a pumpkin for her daughter ( my great niece, Lily) to get her picture taken in..... Happy Hallowe'en!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Colours

Our family in our backyard and the kids with their cousin Lily in the leaves.

Weekend with Family

Bev and Randy, Stef and Nelson and Lily came for a visit this weekend. Here are some pics.

Peyton and Lily crawling around the kitchen, Peyton reading to Lily, and kids as a group.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting ready for Hallowe'en

The kids are getting ready for Hallowe'en and dressed appropriately today. The girls shirts say 'Constant Supervision Required' and there is a monkey on them.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Rainbow Fish Erin's Creation from school

If any of you know this book, I think this is a pretty good rendition of Rainbow Fish. Erin's class read this story and then they each created a Rainbow Fish.

Erin's soccer pictures

We were late in picking up the soccer pics so here they are....kinda cute, I must say. Brad coached the team at the beginning but then he moved to Ohio in late June. Glad to have good coaches for these little ones.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Quiet weekend..and friends from Canada!

Brad went and checked out the Cleveland Curling club on Friday night and then went for some drinks with friends. We bought some new 'much needed' furniture on Saturday in Akron. A new sectional sofa and dining room chairs in particular. Today we spent time around the house, raking leaves etc. A quiet weekend all around.

Next weekend we are having company from Canada! Brad's sister and her husband, his niece and her husband and our great niece are coming for a visit.

I was thinking of my friends from Manulife this weekend as they worked on Saturday on a web release. It is their busiest time of the year and very stressful. I know last year we worked many long hours and most weekends. Take care guys and know I am thinking of you.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Going to be an Aunt again...

Brad's sister Denise is expecting in a couple weeks. Here are some pictures that Brad took of their family on Thanksgiving weekend. We can't wait for Baby Todoroff to arrive! (maybe for Hallowe'en.)

Erin's school fun

Erin had a fireman come to visit her this week to talk about fire safety. She knows where our meeting place is, to stop, drop and roll and to stay low if there is smoke. She made a dalmation craft with lots of good things to remember too!

We also ventured to Patterson Farm for a Field Trip. There was an apple orchard, a playground and a pumpkin patch. The weather was cold and wet but the kids enjoyed apple cider and apples. We bought some pumpkin shaped cookies and a lollipop for the ride home.

Next school pictures are taken.

Peyton is trying The Little Gym

Since the girls are busy with activities, we thought we should enroll Peyton into something. He formally started this week at The Little Gym in Twinsburg. He runs around, walks on the balance beam, climbs on the mats, shakes a parachute, catches bubbles, hangs from the uneven bars and gives lots of high fives. He goes the same night as the girls go to Gymnastics so we haven't added any other 'nights out' for the family.

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth....

On our way to Canada, Brooklyn had another loose tooth. All of a sudden from the backseat we heard, "my tooth, I, I, swallowed it!". In fact, as she drank her morning drink in the van, she swallowed her front tooth. Now she has no teeth in the front. School Picture day was this week, they should be interesting. We wrote a letter to the tooth fairy to let her know what happened and she left money anyway. Canadian money since we were in Canada.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Today we bared the cold and went to the pumpkin patch. It has been a yearly tradition with the Suljaks.


One thing we are thankful for is family... Here is Peyton with his cousin Becky. We stayed at their home over the weekend and it was much appreciated.

Pictures from Brad's 40th birthday party

Here are a few pictures from the 40th Birthday party we had for Brad and his friend Joe on the 26th of September at Joe and Cindy's house.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall in Aurora Ohio

Here is a beautiful picture of the leaves in our backyard.

Preparation for Hallowe'en

The kids have decided what they are going to be for Hallowe'en.

Erin will be Tinker Bell (big surprise!). Peyton is going to be a monkey, very appropriate. Brooklyn is going to be Sharpay from High School Musical. She just loves her silver shoes so we had to find a costume where they could be worn.

We are having company for Hallowe'en too so we are looking forward to it!

We have done some Hallowe'en cards and will be mailing some pictures so watch your mail. If you don't get one, we must not have your address in our new address book. Send us an email at with it and we will promise some mail.

Busy Weekend...

We have the microwave installed, a new light in the master bathroom and another to put up. Brad is working hard to organize the storage room and unfortunatlely we then need to open more boxes. We have made a trip to the Goodwill already and another is required. How did we acquire all this stuff? We got a new clock as a gift and are finding a good home for it.

The winter clothes are out of storage and most of the summer clothes are now put away. The weekend flew by.

We have figured out how to use Skype now so if you have an account just email us and we can have a visual conversation instead of just a phone call.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Poetry Performance - Brooklyn at school

Brooklyn is in the purple striped t shirt in the middle of the group. This blog is what the teacher is using to keep the parents updated on what is happening in their classroom.